Cross-environment testing in a sandbox browser

A Safe, Scalable, Configurable & Shareable Browser in a Sandbox

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Why use a Sandbox?

Privacy and Security

Not sure if you should click that link? Protect your computer against malware, malicious scripts, trackers, unsafe browser extensions and preserve your anonymity when testing your web sites.

Objective Testing

Tired of purging your browser cache? Control for environmental differences by customizing virtually everything about your browser including bandwidth, connection quality, system time and outgoing IP.

Device Limits

Chrome make your fan scream? Don’t be limited by a slow connection or a slow laptop. You can open as many tabs as you would like and have them run in parallel. Pause and resume instances as you please.

3 Simple Steps

1. Configure


Hosts File
Network Conditions



Browser Settings

Device Emulation
Google Chrome Extensions
Firefox Add-ons

2. Browse
Live Browsing

Web-based Browser
VNC Session
RDP Endpoint

Automated Testing

Chrome Remote Debugger
Selenium WebDriver


MITM Proxy

3. Share
Session Capture

Screen Recording
Visual Capture
Network Replay

Browser Templates

Re-create your browser config


Share view-only links
Embed into other applications

How does it work?

Private Cloud Server

A dedicated cloud server with a unique public IP and your desired capacity in a data center close to you. A single server can host up to 50 unique browser configurations.

Instance Manager

Create, clone, edit, launch, share, monitor browser instances from your dashboard. In addition, you can share screenshots and recordings between your teammates.

Web Gateway

Access your cloud browsers from any browser using the web gateway. No need to install additional plugins, remote desktop viewers or browser extensions

Which browsers can I use?

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox
Your Customized Browser Image

What makes SandboxBrowser different?


CrossBrowserTesting, LambdaTest, Browserling, BrowserStack, TestComplete, SauceLabs are all great tools for testing cross-browser issues you can’t replicate on your local machines. SandboxBrowser is designed to identify cross-environment issues in the OS, Network, and Browser configurations.


Unlike other providers, we provide you with a dedicated server near your physical location. You can allocate and monitor your own resource usage and are free to integrate the service with your own internal service.

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